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Candle with Vintage Sheet MusicCandle with Vintage Sheet MusicOld classical sheet music has a vintage tone and texture to it; vertical format; candle burning in foreground Romance - Wine, Candlelight, and FlowersRomance - Wine, Candlelight, and FlowersA wine glass is illuminated only be candlelight. The soft glow shines through white flowers placed in the foreground. Vintage Skull and Novels by CandlelightVintage Skull and Novels by CandlelightA vintage skull sits beside a stack of old novels and wine bottles; image created with a light painting technique Warm Candle ReflectionWarm Candle ReflectionA candle glows in the darkness and reflects off a black surface; warm orange colortones Smoking CandleSmoking CandleSmoke rises from a white candle that has just been blown out; black reflective background This collection was photographed in a dark room with a single candle as a light source. Special techniques were performed in post production to make the image appear more like a painting than a photograph.




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